Exchange # 1.3 – November 2012 Jordan → Adam

Exchange # 1.3 – November 2012

Jordan → Adam





Above is what I received from Adam


Materials added: wooden casters, latex tube, mahogany

  • Upon receiving Adam’s package with the altered object and video of the piece interacting with the landscape I felt inspired to address the geographical differences between the natural beauty of coastal Maine and manufactured landscape of West Oakland. To do so I attached small casters a wooden frame which I recessed into the foam on the bottom of the piece, I also added a leash so i could pull it around. I filmed this video behind my studio which is located in an industrial part of town and is home to a large population of homeless people who scavenge the streets with shopping carts looking for scrap bottles and cans. The sound of their carts on the crappy roads can be heard at all hours of the day, I was quite happy that i was able to recreate the sound that echos through the neighborhood.

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