Exchange # 3 – January 2013

Exchange # 3 January 2013

Jordan → Adam

flat rate 2-1
Flat Rate # 2 as I received it from Adam
flat rate2-3
Flat Rate # 2 as I received it from Adam
  • I was delighted to find this beautifully crafted piece outside my door, and after sitting with it in my studio for a month pondering what intervention could be made on this object it occurred to me that this piece was too succinct of a statement to alter, destroy, or defile in any way.  So i deemed the piece complete, closed the box and started from scratch.

  • With the third exchange I was interested in layering materials with little work done to them, and also wanted to explore ideas of fragility. I decided to send Adam a Pyrex bowl that had been broken once before. First, I epoxied the bowl back together and then I designed a layered packing system that would hopefully prevent further damage and sent it off to Maine.











Exchange # 3 – Materials: Pyrex bowl, bubble wrap, rubber, OSB, Douglas Fir, Flat Rate Box

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