Exchange #3.2 – March 2013

Exchange # 3 January 2013

Adam → Jordan


Exchange #3 as I received it from Jordan, in all its layers

I received Jordan’s layered supplies as above and thought on it for a time. It sat at my bench for a long while before I got around to working on it, and started by slicing the fancy bubble wrap into ribbons of funny bubbles as below…



Then I bound them up in stretch wrap and attached them to his little turned thing. I’m trying to work more fun and quick to see what kind of objects I can make without thinking too much about it. Then, I couldn’t help but smash the glass bowl with a hammer. I loved the lines in it where it had been glued together, but I just had to smash it. Half the glass was mixed with resin and poured into the still intact bowl, and the other half was mashed into a fine crystalline dust and jarred…




I painted the glass and turned base and packed it in a dense ball of pillow stuffing…


Sent on its way


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