Exchange # 5.2

Exchange # 5.2

Adam → Jordan

wiping glue on my sweaty apron
wiping glue on my sweaty apron

So, It’s been a little while. I had a little break towards the end of the summer from the project. Really, THIS happened and threw a lot off for me. Anyway, I have been trying to get this back in action and finally got it sent out yesterday. If you don’t remember (which you should, because this is all that matters in the world) where we were, Jordan sent me this lovely rubber apron and a set of instructions for creating a six sided mitered box. These were great hand written detailed instructions on every step of the process as we would both probably describe it to a new student of woodworking. I followed them (mostly) to a T and created a little stop motion video of the process.

One of the important steps that Jordan listed was that, right before the box gets glued up, I put an “object of sentimental value” inside, to be trapped in there. I chose one that I think was perfect given the circumstances. I put in a small model of the Wisconsin State Capital building, in Madison Wisconsin. This holds significance for me, because it was given to me by my very dear friend, Amelia Toelke, who sent it to me in Califonia when she first moved to Madison. Jordan, who will be there soon enough as well, now has it hidden inside of this box, to do with what he will. I see this project as very much about this sharing of ideas and to me, this object being passed on represents my many close friends scattered all over the world, keeping in touch by whatever means possible. I wrote all of this on the box in chalk and it mostly smudged off, but you get the idea. I also stuck a handle on it, which wasn’t in the rules, but I don’t think Jordan will mind. He’s kind of a handle guy.

anyway, here is the resulting video, with a quick glimpse of the object…


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