Exchange # 5.3

Exchange #5.3

Jordan → Adam

Testing out the new apparatus.
Testing out the new apparatus.

Dear readers, I apologize for the delay since my last post. I am writing you today from my new apartment in Madison Wisconsin where it is a brisk -17 degrees  outside.  I am waiting to receive my first exchange from Adam in WI, which will bring exchange #5 full circle.  When I began this exchange with just a list of instructions I was wanted to begin the process with a non-object, just the idea of one. Part of me wanted Adam to disregard  the instructions and burn them thoroughly… But instead he did what I asked, he sent me a 5″ cube with an object of sentimental value inside, plus the apron with a few changes… see below ↓

IMG_0764 IMG_0766 IMG_0771

IMG_0777 IMG_0778 IMG_0780


As you can see Adam wrote the history of the sentimental object on the outside of the cube in chalk (I believe), then covered the entire surface with an acrylic clear coat, a finish i absolutely hate. So I quickly sanded the entire cube back to just a matte black finish, then I sat with the object… If you don’t remember Adam placed a scale model of the Wisconsin capitol building inside the cube, an object which at the time represented the place where I had just moved my partner, my life, and my collection of weird objects, then left to return to San Francisco to fulfill teaching opportunities at California College of the Arts and the Academy of Art University. So when I received this model of the city I  kind of just moved to trapped in a box, I too felt trapped, inside temporary room, with a temporary work space, in a temporary city. So I did what seemed logical at the time, I drilled a couple holes in the box so I could see a glimpse of the city in my past and my future. I also fashioned a light shield with parts of the apron.

IMG_0913  IMG_0903  IMG_0910

Research and Documentation in my temporary SF work space
Research and documentation in my temporary SF work space
A peek at the capitol building

If any of you out there are familiar with Madison Wisconsin you will know that at night you can see the glowing tip of the capitol building from many parts of the city. I forgot this fact until i returned to my new home and went for an evening walk and realized I was not so clever after all, so again without any conscious understanding of what I was doing art imitates life.

All packed up and ready for Maine


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