Exchange #5.4

Exchange #5.4

Adam → Jordan

P1040399When I got the most recent piece back from Jordan, I was really happy with it and nearly called it complete. He had returned the piece to flat black and drilled two holes in the box witch, when aligned just so with the light, allows you to see the top of the object inside (a miniature of the Wisconsin State Capital building. Then he topped it off with that great hood.  Me being me though, I’m not very good at declaring things done. I thought there was one  more thing it needed. I recently took a trip to the fabled Liberty Tool, in Liberty Maine, and got my hands on this great old tripod…P1040153It was way too big though, and missing some parts, so I set upon shortening and repairing it. I gave it some new porcelain feet as well.

P1040155P1040371 P1040376After reworking the tripod, I built a little mount and attached it to the bottom of the box…

P1040384 I mounted it to the tripod and it works great. If you hang a bulb right over it. You can see the building inside glowing. It’s a really fun piece. P1040378 P1040385 P1040377 P1040408I packed it in the shredded paper Jordan supplied inside a bag with the last iteration and sent it on its way.

P1040411 P1040412


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