Exchange #7

Exchange #7

Adam → Jordan


So, As you may remember from this very blog, I recently received the below object from Jordan…

cowboymailman While this was intended to be the start of a new exchange, I saw little that I could add to this fantastic and ridiculous object, and so I declared it done and started thinking about starting a new exchange.

You may remember that we have done this once before. Similarly, that time I sent Jordan a piece that was too resolved and/or succinct to add to or alter. In both cases, I have really liked the objects in question, but I think our mission here is to make the most of the interplay between each of us in evolving a piece through a series of phases. In this way, we are more interested in making decisions that leave room for changes throughout the process.

With this in mind, I set out to create a FlatRate iteration that was as open as possible. I essentially packed a series of miscellaneous pieces to leave that room for exploration on Jordan’s end. Below are some images of the items sent. Some are parts of a recent short installation (it was in an ice fishing shanty. More info on that coming soon), Others are from my personal collection of junk (my wooden tennis and Badminton racket collection are growing daily), and some found objects thrown in…









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