Exchange # 7.2

Exchange # 7.2

Jordan → Adam


From Adam I received A medium Flat Rate box  stuffed full of various parts and, old upholstery foam  ↓





Specifically  I received:  1 altered badminton racket, 1 length of coated yellow chain, 1 eye bolt,  9 – half inch threaded dowels,  15 – threaded mini lobster buoy type things,  2 – chunks upholstery foam measuring 9″x”12″x 2″, and a few gross thin foam pieces with white fabric on one side. I always enjoy getting a box full of random parts it makes me feel like a kid playing with things some people could confuse with trash,  but as they say……. possible trash is awesome.

So I took these parts,  and like any true material expeditionary  I cut them up into pieces…  then of course put them back together in fashion that made me smile and seemed appropriate to their integrity,  I also turned a sweet handle. Then jammed all of  the parts back into the same medium flat Rate box and shipped it off to Maine hoping that I had left room for Adam to take these further. I continue to enjoy this object based conversation with Adam, although I am finding it harder to describe what it is we are actually doing.  In some regards this is a personal conversation between to visual thinkers that are for some reason sharing it with others…  enjoy!


Configuration #1
Configuration #2
Kite – alternate view

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