At Long Last, a ‘Flat Rate Exchange’ Exhibition!


Regular followers of the Flat Rate Exchange blog may have noticed a recent lull in activity. This is due to the fact that Jordan and Adam, are currently in the same town, and in fact, under the same roof. Adam has been living in Madison Wisconsin as the Windgate Fellowship Artist in Residence (updates available here), and Jordan has been teaching in that same wood/furniture program. Since we are in the same place, at the same time, we decided to pause the exchange and focus on getting all of the exchanges in one place for an exhibition of what we have done to date. Below is a slideshow from the first exhibition of The Flat Rate Exchange. We kept it relatively simple, set up each exchange as a piece, and included QR codes for any video and/or blog content. viewers have no information on how each piece came to be, just varying degrees of confounding objects. They were invited to scan the codes and follow the chronological progress on the blog. This is the first exhibition and we hope to take this elsewhere and evolve the installation to best represent the project. Let us know what you think…flatratepanorama

So, there you have it. This first two years of the ongoing Flat Rate Exchange project. Continue to follow and share our project as it will continue and evolve into the future. In the meantime, This is as good a place as any to announce that the project has also taken on another facet. Jordan and Adam have been working on developing a functional design collaboration under the Flat Rate Exchange umbrella. As you can see in the above images, there is a small stool prototype which was the first in this line of thinking, and which happened naturally as a part of the existing exchange. Since that point, we have begun to develop a line of simple, solid wood, functional objects, based on the same idea of collaborative process and flat rate shipping. I won’t tell you any more about it, because you should go to the new “Design” section of this very blog and check it out for yourself.

Thanks for reading and keep checking in as we develop this sculptural exchange as well as our design project moving forward.


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